Benefactor 2018 and 2019 US Open 


With sincere appreciation, South Central Division and the US Open Committee recognize our special patron, Helen of Sun City, Arizona, for her generous donation as Title Sponsor of Bowls USA 2018 and 2019 US Open.


Her love of lawn bowling and desire to contribute to its continuing success, Helen has freely given generous time, effort and financial support over many years.


There are many people with money, but not many who are willing to see it spent for the benefit of others.  It is unique that our sport has a Helen who makes our activity better than it would be without her generosity.

Helen was born and raised in Michigan.  She worked as a secretary for G.M., married William and operated his dental office until they retired and moved to Sun City in 1972.  She has been active in RCSC Corporation and has contributed to many organizations, including schools, hospitals and others too numerous to mention.  After her husband passed away, she continues her generosity to worthy causes and is still active and interested in Sun City.


Helen's contributions to our sport include:

  • Remodeling inside of all the Sun City lawn bowling clubhouses

  • Replacing plinths and backboards at several greens

  • Providing funds for shade structures for bowlers at several greens

  • Significant donations for Bell Lawn Bowling Club greens replacement project

  • Purchasing greens equipment to improve greens maintenance


Helen's generosity has touched every lawn bowling club in Sun City - every club hosting a US Open event is receiving new mats courtesy of Helen's generosity - 


OAKMONT Lawn Bowling Club 

  • Had concrete installed outside the clubroom

  • Had a canopy erected to provide shade

  • Purchased four cement benches

  • Had the floor in the clubroom tiled

  • Supplied a refrigerator, microwave, silverware, bowls, trays

  • Had cupboards installed

  • Had the opening in the wall widened at the clubroom entrance and had a new door and lock installed


LAKEVIEW Lawn Bowling Club

  • Remodeled entire inside of clubhouse with new floor tile, cupboards, heating and air conditioning, electrical wiring, wall clock, new double doors, and outdoor canopy

  • Purchased two round concrete tables and benches and three rink benches with a matching litter container

  • Purchased a large illuminated sign which can be easily seen from Del Webb for emergency responders to be able to find the greens


MOUNTAIN VIEW Lawn Bowling Club

  • Remodeled clubhouse, new floor tile, cupboards, sink, heat and air conditioning unit, and new electrical wiring

  • Had a concrete patio with a canopy including a draw drape to shade the west side from the sun Provided three concrete tables and benches

  • Purchased five new bowls rakes


FAIRWAY Lawn Bowling CLub 

  • Donated funds to update the clubroom



  • Had new concrete poured for parking on both sides of the new multi-purpose room

  • Purchased three rink benches and a matching litter container

  • Donated funding for updating Bell greens

  • Donated money to purchase a new greens roller