Men's Singles entry deadline is August 30

All other event entries will officially close Sep 29

Most events have reached maximum entries, resulting in limits on additional entries for the flight system to work correctly.  Please review CONFIRMED ENTRIES to see the next level of posted entries before entering an event.  Until the specified number of entries for the level is reached, you will be waitlisted and may not play unless there are withdrawals whereby your name can then be moved up.  We do not want to refuse entries but wish to make you aware of the situation.

Nov 2 - 4 (Fri-Sun)    Registration and Practice

Nov 4 (Sun)              Opening Ceremony 3 PM (1500)

Nov 5 - 6 (Mon-Tue)   Men's Singles / Women's Fours

Nov 7 - 8 (Wed-Thu)   Women's Singles / Men's Pairs

Nov 9 - 10 (Fri-Sat)    Men's Fours / Women's Pairs

Nov 10 (Sat)             Awards Banquet 7 PM (1900) 

Nov 11 (Sun)            Men's Pairs Final Game 

With a large number of Men's Pairs entries received to date, Sunday morning (Nov 11) has been added to the schedule for the final game in Men’s Pairs.

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We look forward to seeing you in the fall. 


The greens being used for the 2018 US Open should be in terrific shape;  Lakeview LBC had both greens renovated in the past year, RH Johnson LBC is having all four greens laser leveled this spring, Bell LBC had both greens renovated in the past year.  


All the clubs are close to one another no long drives between clubs.  There are large parking areas near all the clubs.


American Professional Baseball holds their annual spring training in the area, so there are many hotels and restaurants nearby. 


We thought of what we would like to know if we were coming to your club and used that as our guideline for building this site.  If you have questions please use the form below to get in contact with us.


We want you to have a delightful experience while you are here with us.


Good Bowling See you on the Greens this fall.




Thanks for reaching out. We'll get back to you. ---SCD